Services that inspire generosity


Development Audit

Maybe you're thinking that spending money on increasing your development shop will be too expensive. Let Cesie work with you to determine what you're doing "right" and where there might be room for a little improvement. She'll prioritize what you should do first in order to get the biggest bang for your buck. You'll also get a complete report that you can refer to and work from.

Editing/Writing Direct Mail

Letters that come from you should tell a compelling story. Cesie can take your appeal letter from "blah" to "wow." She'll help you with formatting, inserting the right photos, content, the response card, and thinking about what should be on the outer envelope.

Composing Thank you letters

Didn't your mom always say, "Don't forget to write your thank you notes?" She was right. Thanking your donors is one of the key ways that will make them want to continue supporting you. Let her write a thank you letter that will make your donors swoon.


You can work with Cesie to best meet your needs. Workshops can go anywhere from one hour to five hours. Here's a sample:

  • Training Board members to be excited about fundraising/development
  • Grant writing 101
  • Getting Congregations to Give Joyfully
  • How to tell your story
  • Ways to thank your donors
  • How to write an effective blog


Working with Churches

One of Cesie's passions is helping mainline churches overcome their fear of asking for money. It's critical to have a solid faith foundation and understanding of the role of money as a first step. Cesie can help you determine why money needs to be talked about and then she'll help you add technical innovations like thanking people, telling stories, and offering digital giving.

Creatively Thanking Donors

So often we think thanking is a "one and done" affair. But nope, you need to keep thanking your donors and reminding them how appreciative you are of them. Let Cesie develop ways to thank your donors and let them know how important they are to your organization.

editing Grants

Cesie began her development life learning how to write compelling and persuasive grants (her high school English teacher would be so proud). Her specialty is writing grants to large and small private foundations and trusts - from the cover letter to the narrative, to the budget.  To name just a few, she has received grants from Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation, Ford Family Foundation, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Salem Foundation, and the Juan Young Trust. Cesie can take a look at your grant and give you advice on how it can become a winner.


Generosity isn’t about the money, it’s about the heart.”
— Anonymous